Obaren, Stockholm



Publishing: fredrik@thebankmusic.com
PR (SWE): joachim@smugglermusic.com
PR (DE): nina@better-things.berlin
Suggestions: aasma.contact@gmail.com

A soundscape born from  the deepest of forests

In the era of cyberspace and individualism, a creature of generation Z [named Aasma] decided to go back to our roots and discover a soundscape born from the deepest of forests.

Exploring further and further with a torch and some microphones, the album Daydreams was formed and released in August 2021. An innovative and ambitious game changer album in the alternative pop world of the north.

A playful balance between straight-up pop and sound art, live recorded strings and cheap drum machines. Aasma is telling stories of a dark shimmering dreamworld, transporting the listener between oceans and forests, streets and bars.

The creator behind Aasma grew up in the outskirts of Gothenburg (SWE), in a house deep in the forest. Spending most of her time outside - around the stream, by the ocean and in the mountains. Nature became the foundation of everything she is, and the name Aasma which means "meadow land" in Estonian is both an ode to that and to her Estonian grandmother with the same name who encouraged her to work with arts.

Ever since she discovered songwriting and music production by the age of 15 she has worked with different projects, toured in various countries and formed a team that together have created Aasma's upcoming releases.